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The following is a guide that will help mothers who suffer from anxiety during their pregnancy. It is important to remember that you are not alone and there are many other women going through what you are experiencing. One of the most common reasons for anxiety in pregnant women is because they find themselves faced with difficult life events, such as death of a loved one or marital strife. Other times it can be caused by anticipation of potential stressors such as childbirth, finances, and caring for children. Mothers should know that they are not alone if they experience these symptoms and should seek doctor’s help immediately!

Why do I have anxiety?

There are many things that can contribute to a stressful pregnancy. For example, some pregnant women feel anxiety with the anticipation of giving birth. Others may experience anxiety when they’re not sure how their family will react. Maybe they do not have enough for their baby or if they’re still in school and don’t know how it will affect them. Other common thoughts, questions and fears are:

  • Is my baby be normal?
  • Will I fail as a mother?
  • Is my baby’s father going to support me?

There is also always the possibility that the woman will develop depression due to stress which could be a result of any one or more of these factors. Mothers-to-be should know that they are not alone and there are many other women going through what they are feeling as well. It is important to remember that you are loved and supported by others who understand what you’re going through!

Hopeful facts to deal with anxiety.

  • During pregnancy and breast feeding the medicines for anxiety disorders are quite safe for mom and baby.
  • About 40% of women experience a decrease of anxiety pattern during pregnancy. However, after birth the anxiety symptoms may return.
  • Medicine for anxiety can help in preventing the development of anxiety disorders in the baby later in life. If the mother’s symptoms are not treated properly then however it may result in lower birth weight of the baby.

What to do?

To help with these problems, there are several methods that can be used to help control anxiety. For example, some women find deep breathing exercises helpful. There are also medication called beta blockers that can be given to pregnant woman or anti-anxiety pills that are safe for use during pregnancy. With the help of their doctor, these mothers-to-be are able to get the resources they need to make sure they’re doing what’s best for mommy and baby. Here is a list of things to do:

  • Talk to your doctor. The doctor’s instructions and medications will help you to deal with your anxiety and pregnancy strategically.
  • Try bonding with your partner in a stronger and intimate way. This would make you feel supported and loved which would help in dealing with the situations in a better way.
  • Relax. Pursue hobbies. Talk to friends, go for walks, practice gardening. These activities will distract your mind and keep your stress away or under control.
  • Meeting your baby, and seeing your baby’s face, may bring you peace of mind. Come to Here is Baby for a 3D ultrasound.
  • Learn more about anxiety in Medline’s Website.