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Back Pain during early pregnancy

Back pain is expected during your early pregnancy stages. Most pregnant women experience some degree of back pain. It generally subsides after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Back pain is normally the result of the softening of the supporting ligaments and disks because of the increase in progesterone hormone during the early stages of pregnancy. Urinary infection during pregnancy can also be a cause of back pain. Another reason for the pain is the extra weight and the change in the center of gravity.


The safest remedy for is to exercise while avoiding medications. This is because medications for back pain are commonly contraindicated during early pregnancy. Some activities you could do to avoid it are:

  • Walking
  • Bridging (lying down on the floor, bending your knees and lifting your buttocks)
  • Pelvic rocking, bending your knees and lifting your head, mini-crunches.

Another remedy is to practice a good body posture by standing straight and tall. As your pregnancy evolves, the uterus becomes big and you may tend to pull back your shoulders to offset the additional weight. By doing that you contribute to back pain. In order to avoid it is by changing  your sitting position and avoiding to stand for long periods.

Finally, good rest and sleep are also good to avoid and eliminating back pain. Yoga is also another viable way to eliminate it. If it persists, you should consult a doctor and take proper medication. In some cases physiotherapy may be prescribed. Massages and use of special mattresses are also effective. If your pain persists after your pregnancy and after you have stopped breast feeding you may want to consider localized cryo-therapy. Visit Let it Freeze or call them for more information on that.

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