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  • Dad hugging belly
    The Lamaze and Bradley techniques are a great way to cope with childbirth pain. While both use breathing techniques, the Lamaze method doesn’t reject the use of pain killers and surgical options and allows for mothers to use distractor factors to cope with pain.
  • Pregnant woman hands on belly
    Acid reflux is an unwanted pregnancy symptom. Here you will find some of it's causes and how to avoid it.
  • Baby bath
    Should I bathe or not my newborn baby? If so, bathing a baby is always a difficult task. Learn how to bathe your newborn step by step.
  • Facial natural ingredients
    During pregnancy, your body may act up a little. Even if you have never had issues with this before you may experience pimples and acne. On the other hand, if you had issues with this before, they may clear up during this time. Whatever your previous history is, you want to keep your skin in optimal state by moisturizing it. If pimples and acne start to appear do not pick, squeeze, scratch or pop them as this may create scars.
  • Breastfeeding baby
    Breast feeding tips to let you make the most of breastfeeding.
  • Coffee love
    Is caffeine OK to drink while you are pregnant or is it bad? How much is too much caffeine? Why should we avoid caffeine when pregnant? Learn about caffeine and pregnancy.
  • How I wonder what you are?
    When can I find my baby’s gender? Find out the different ways available to find the gender of your baby and how far along you must be to be able to find out.
  • Happy meal
    Being pregnant is a wonderful experience. While you may enjoy your pregnancy, it may be exhausting for your body. One way to help, is by nourishing it with the right foods to be energized, strong and sharp to welcome your beautiful baby. Some people like to call them superfoods. Here we present you a list of foods that are a good idea to ingest.
  • Blue pregnancy dress
    Pregnancy Stretchmarks As soon as you get pregnant you may realize that things will be changing in many ways. You may have a different waist size, stretch marks, changes in food tastes and changes in life styles. One of the changes that worry many moms are stretchmarks. Stretchmarks are red or purple marks that pop […]
  • Ultrasound heart
    2D, 3D, 4D, 5D sonograms: which one is right for me? In this day and age, There is a wide array of ultrasounds available out there. Most pregnant mommies wonder which sonogram / ultrasound is right for them and what is the difference between all of the options. Today, we will explain each of them, […]
  • cute twins
    Twins Pregnancy ABC’s You got pregnant! Suddenly, you find out that you are having twins. Now what? What should you expect? Are there some early signs? What type of twins are you having? Find out in this short article. Types of twins There are two kinds of twins: identical and fraternal. Identical come from one […]
  • hearty plates
    Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy Being pregnant may come with cravings which makes it hard to keep a healthy diet. However, it’s not impossible to keep a well balanced pregnancy nutrition. You will learn today 5 tips to make sure you stay fit and healthy while your baby gets all the nutrients he/she needs […]
  • Booties
    Baby showers are one of the most exciting things about being pregnant. Here we give you a few tips on how to plan for a baby shower.
  • Exercise during pregnancy
    Exercise and pregnancy. Thinking about exercising during pregnancy may not be the most appealing endeavor for a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, women experience so many battles that exercising may not come to mind. During your first trimester you may experience morning sickness and fatigue. The second trimester comes with your belly starting to show. The […]
  • Pregnancy in winter
    Although we love to consider pregnancy as a couple’s experience, usually, pregnancy is harder on the part of the woman. At this stage, women need to be extra conscious about what they eat, how much and how they exercise, getting enough rest, and dealing with cravings at 3 in the morning! As wonderful as pregnancy […]
  • Pregnancy test
    Oftentimes, in a couple’s life, there may be uncertainty as to whether they may be pregnant or not. Couples may use pregnancy tests in order to confirm their pregnancy. The easiest way to confirm pregnancy may be through a urine test that is readily available at pharmacies. Urine tests are vert effective and accurate. The […]
  • Baby strains on veins
    Baby Strains On Your Veins You’ve most likely heard about the morning sickness, hormonal changes, and food cravings that so many women experience during pregnancy. But, did you know that some pregnant mommies also experience varicose veins? The maternal vascular system undergoes significant changes during pregnancy. During this time, the blood volume in an expectant […]
  • back pain
    Back pain is expected during your early pregnancy stages. Most pregnant women experience some degree of back pain. It generally subsides after about 20 weeks.
  • wives tales
    Wives Tales and Pregnancy During your pregnancy, it is certain you will get a lot of advice. Whether you ask for it or not. Some of the advice may sound as superstition or myths. All those beliefs are called wives tales. Some may be helpful, while others not. We always suggest that before you try […]
  • stress
    Life is full of stress. As the years go by we are subject to increasing amounts of stress. Hans Selye describes stress as the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change. We are all subject to it although its effects on our bodies differ from person to person. How we personally handle […]
  • Tummy Shield2
    Congratulations! You are pregnant! Having a baby is a life changing experience. At this point you may have many questions as you look to keep your baby safe and healthy. What kind of food should I eat? Can I go in the hot tub? Can I drink caffeine? Could I smoke or drink alcohol? Should […]
  • Hand heart
    Congratulations! We are so excited for you! Most women find out they are pregnant at 6 weeks. If this is your first pregnancy, you are the right spot. Here you will learn important facts and tips that may help you throughout your pregnancy. Although we don’t know it all, we’ve been there and done that! […]
  • 7 weeks
    What changes in my body should I expect at 7 weeks of pregnancy? At pregnancy week 7, it is not likely that people notice that you are pregnant yet, although your body may be experiencing some changes. You may have gained a few pounds, or even lost a few if you have been mistreated by […]
  • 8 weeks
    By 8 weeks of pregnancy, you have now completed almost two months! If you just found out you are pregnant suggest you read our articles from the previous weeks just so that you don’t miss anything. What changes in my body should I expect at 8 weeks of pregnancy? Although your body doesn’t seem to […]
  • 9 Weeks
    9 weeks of pregnancy! Sounds easy, although you nay have experienced some uncomfortable symptoms. Read to find out details about your pregnancy. What changes in my body should I expect at 9 weeks of pregnancy? At this point, you may still not appear to be pregnant to others, but you are already for sure noticing […]
  • Matches like sperm
    Deciding to get pregnant and have a child is an exciting and rewarding experience, although some couples struggle to get pregnant. We often hear the following question: how can I know what days are best to get pregnant? How do I know I am on my fertile days? In short, the answer is, generally speaking […]
  • Preparing for childbirth
    Childbirth is a journey that many women take, and it is one of the most magical experiences of their lives. Parenting is one of the greatest gifts that a family can live together. Bearing a child will make couples grow closer together, although it is important to prepare and know what to expect. Here are […]
  • Anxiety
    The following is a guide that will help mothers who suffer from anxiety during their pregnancy. It is important to remember that you are not alone and there are many other women going through what you are experiencing. One of the most common reasons for anxiety in pregnant women is because they find themselves faced […]
  • Morning sickness
    How to deal with morning sickness? When you’re pregnant, it’s not just morning sickness that can drag you down. It’s also the lack of sleep and indigestion from all the food your growing baby is demanding. All of this makes you feel like a zombie during waking hours.  It is not only uncomfortable but it […]