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Facial ingredients
During pregnancy, your body may act up a little. Even if you have never had issues with this before you may experience pimples and acne. On the other hand, if you had issues with this before, they may clear up during this time. Whatever your previous history is, you want to keep your skin in optimal state by moisturizing it. If pimples and acne start to appear do not pick, squeeze, scratch or pop them
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Baby bath
As your babies were born, the norm was to wipe them down with a towel before mom or dad held him/her. Today, you may have a choice! It’s just a matter of making up your mind and talking to the nurses at your hospital to ask if you have the opportunity to choose. To bathe or not to bathe? Research indicates that babies are born with a greasy film called vernix. Vernix is a source
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Who doesn’t hate acid reflux? Whether you like it or not, acid reflux or heartburn symptoms may appear when you get pregnant and this due to a few possible reasons: The increase of hormones in your body results in the softening of the ligaments that keep the lower esophageal sphincter firmly closed. When this occurs, you have a reflux of gastric acid and food to the esophagus and throat. Your baby creates more pressure in
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Back in 1940, two childbirth techniques that are still in use were developed: The Bradley Method of Childbirth and the Lamaze Technique. American Obstetrician Robert A. Bradley developed what is known as the Bradley Method of Childbirth. This method is based on the philosophy of a natural childbirth that is drug free and pioneered the involvement of male parents during the childbirth process. On the other hand, French Obstetrician Fernand Lamaze, influenced by Soviet childbirth
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