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What is Sneak Peek® Clinical DNA Gender reveal test? 

SneakPeek Clinical is an early DNA Gender reveal test that can be used starting at 8 weeks of pregnancy. This test gives you an opportunity to connect with your baby before you see him or her in pictures from the ultrasound scans at Here is Baby. First, we will draw a blood sample in the comfort of our studio. Then, the blood sample is sent to the lab for processing. Sneak Peek Labs offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Last, you will have the choice of receiving your result by email the same day the sample reaches the lab. 

DNA Gender reveal machine

How does SneakPeek® DNA gender reveal work?

SneakPeek uses the shared fetal DNA circulating inside the mom’s bloodstream so as to detect the presence of the male Y chromosome. If detected, then, the baby’s gender is male and if not, then, the baby’s gender is female. 

SneakPeek Clinical gender reveal accuracy studies. 

The study assessed the performance of SneakPeek® Early DNA test for non-invasive prenatal gender determination. Four ultrasound clinics conducted a blinded study. Their first study collected blood samples from pregnant women between 9 and 35 weeks of gestation. Sixty maternal samples were tested twice to assess the precision of SneakPeek Clinical.

Cell-free DNA was detected in all maternal blood samples. Y chromosome was also detected in all samples from women carrying a male fetus. The test correctly identified fetal sex in all the samples, consequently, data showed minimal variation and high reliability of results. Fetal sex for all samples was unknown. Finally, it was confirmed via ultrasound at the end of the study. Sneak Peek’s accuracy, sensitivity and specificity were each 100% for fetal sex identification. In summary, the test is highly accurate for gender determination regardless of the pregnancy stage.

DNA Gender reveal Gestational Age Chart

DNA Gender reveal Clinical Performance Chart

Also, Sneak Peek conducted a second test in 2019 with pregnant women starting at 8 weeks of pregnancy. The study notably showed a 99.1% of accuracy to determine gender making it highly reliable at 8 weeks too. 


In conclusion, SneakPeek clinical DNA Gender reveal test is an accurate way to get to know the gender of your baby at an earlier stage as compared to an ultrasound gender scan. Both are great options, although SneakPeek gives you the opportunity to find out earlier. Give it a try and book your appointment now!

If you want learn more, visit: https://sneakpeektest.com/faqs/.

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