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Exercise and pregnancy.

Thinking about exercising during pregnancy may not be the most appealing endeavor for a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, women experience so many battles that exercising may not come to mind. During your first trimester you may experience morning sickness and fatigue. The second trimester comes with your belly starting to show. The last trimester you may feel very uncomfortable and even a short walk to the restroom may seem like torture. So… using a threadmill? Forget it! On the other hand, there are some women that are so dedicated to exercising that they won’t let pregnancy stop them from exercise! Most of women fall somewhere in the middle. Exercise (in moderation) is highly recommended when pregnant. It helps to control weight gain, and some people think that there is a link between exercise and an easy delivery.

What to watch for while exercising?

The first thing to watch or consider is your heart rate. Raising your heart rate too much could be dangerous to the baby, especially in the first trimester. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor use the “talk” rule. You may wonder what is the “talk” rule? It’s simple, try to talk during your workout. If walking is hard and you wind up huffing and puffing more than talking, then you are working too hard and you need to tone it down. Most doctors do recommend that you work at a pace where you can still talk.

As a second thing to watch for o consider is that pregnancy is not an adequate time to try out new routines. Stick to routines that you were already doing and that your body is used to. You may still need to modify the exercises as pregnancy progresses. If you love running, you may want to modify it as a low impact jog through the first trimester and a walk during the second and third trimester. If you love sit ups, crunches and push-ups, you can do this easily until 14 weeks. After that time, this exercises are not recommended.

What if I didn’t exercise routinely before?

As much as you may want to know that you can get a free pass, you don’t. Pretty much every doctor will tell you that walking is a wonderful exercise for any pregnant women who are not high risk. So, consider walking at least thirty minutes, at least three times a week. Walking is safe to do during all trimesters, although you might find yourself walking at a slower pace the last trimester.

As you approach your due date, walking can actually help bringing on labor. Many doctors advise patients to walk in the weeks that are leading up to delivery. Exercising and/or walking may also contribute to a faster recovery.


Always remember, exercising is a good habit but always consider that it has to be done with moderation during pregnancy. If you have any questions about exercise during this stage, ask your doctor and don’t forget that you can come meet your baby at Here is Baby! And remember that Here is Baby offers a Cryo Therapy service to help you recover your before pregnancy body after you deliver at Let it Freeze.