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Planning a Baby shower

Being pregnant is wonderful and baby showers add to the excitement of having a baby! Baby showers are extremely fun for moms to be and the guests. The showers help future moms to get some necessary baby articles beforehand so that she saves time and money. So, you are pregnant or know someone pregnant, now what? First of all, you need to figure out if the baby shower will be surprise or not. Both ways are good. By making it a surprise, the mom to be will be touched that you cared enough to throw her the baby shower (but be careful and don’t go over board as she may go into labor). By involving the mom to be, she may help you get a list of people she would like to invite, etc.

Making the guest list… and checking it twice

Making a guest list may be tricky. Try to find out if there is someone that may be upset if she wasn’t invited. Also, think of people that may upset the future mom if they were there. Always consider close family and friends. Finally, check the list twice, it can help Santa!

Baby shower games

Planning games could be a difficult task, as there are many games and selecting between them is always hard. Here we provide you a quick list for baby shower games:

  • Mom’s belly: Using a string or toilet paper, the guests try to guess how big mommy’s belly is. The guest that guesses the closest wins.
  • Guess the nursery rhyme: each guest gets a sheet of nursery rhymes and they need to guess them or finish them.
  • Baby game: All guests get a small clothespins that they must wear around their neck as a necklace. Each time someone uses the word baby if someone catches them, they get to take the clothespin. At the end of the party the guest with most pins wins a prize.
  • Memory: In a plastic tin place several baby items that could become baby shower gifts. For example, place thermometers, bibs, spoons, diapers, diaper rash creme, etc. Anything you would use with a baby. Each guest takes a chance to look in for a few seconds. Once everyone is finished looking to the bin, have them write down everything that was in the box. The person with the most correct answers wins.
  • Baby food tasting: Get a variety of baby food in jars. Take off the wrappers and place a number at the bottom of the jar. On a piece of paper write the name of each jar. Each guest gets to try a spoonful of baby food. They will write down what they think each one is. The one with the most correct answers wins a prize.


In conclusion, have a great time at the baby shower and don’t forget to bring a gift! If you need a suggestion, you can always gift the opportunity for the mom to be to meet their baby in 3D at Here is Baby with a 3D ultrasound.