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By 8 weeks of pregnancy, you have now completed almost two months! If you just found out you are pregnant suggest you read our articles from the previous weeks just so that you don’t miss anything.

What changes in my body should I expect at 8 weeks of pregnancy?

Although your body doesn’t seem to change a lot from the outside, a good amount of changes have occurred. Before you started this journey, your uterus was about the size of your fist, now is about the size of a grapefruit. Your breasts have also changed and you may notice it as they are now more sensitive and tender. Those changes are normal as your body prepares for lactation. Another change that you may not know about is that your blood volume has increase about 40% to 50%.

At pregnancy week 8, some women start to develop oily skin and may suffer from acne. Make sure that you consult with your doctor about any possible over-the-counter medications you are using to treat this and know which ingredients are present. Also, you may want to consider purchasing a skin care brand designed for pregnant mommies: Pretty Mommies, available at Here is Baby.

How big is my baby?

Like we’ve said in previous articles, there is a variety of answers for this question. According to some sources, at pregnancy week 8, your baby is approximately the size of a bean, which is a little over an inch. A different source estimates your baby’s size at 0.64 inches, which is about the size of a raspberry.

What is going on inside my belly?

Ears and bones start developing. Also, at this point the muscles are able to contract. Your baby’s feet and hands have webbed toes and fingers. Your baby’s facial features are continuing to mature, although if you want to see if your baby looks like you or your partner, we suggest you wait until you are at least 24 weeks for a 3D scan. His/her eyelids are now more developed and the tip of the nose is more present. Your baby’s tail is starting to disappear. At this point your baby’s gender has already been determined, although the external genitals are still forming and cannot be seen via ultrasound. You may still do a gender reveal through the Sneak Peek DNA test available at Here is Baby.

What should I consider or plan right now for pregnancy week 8?

By now, you are probably already going to your first prenatal visit with your OB/GYN.  During that first visit your doctor may ask medical history questions such as: medical problems, your LMP (last menstrual period), history of abortions and/or miscarriages, birth control methods used before, medications, allergies, hospitalizations, family’s medical history. The doctor may also conduct a medical exam with cervical cultures, a Pap Smear and an ultrasound.

What can my partner do at 8 weeks of pregnancy?

Your partner may help you take care of your pets. If you own cats, ask your partner to take care of the cat litter due to the possibility of being infected with toxoplasmosis.  Also, avoid carrying or lifting heavy objects, which your partner may be able to do.