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9 weeks of pregnancy! Sounds easy, although you nay have experienced some uncomfortable symptoms. Read to find out details about your pregnancy.

What changes in my body should I expect at 9 weeks of pregnancy?

At this point, you may still not appear to be pregnant to others, but you are already for sure noticing changes. At this stage, you may experience heartburn, mood swings, and may feel bloated. All of this symptoms are normal during pregnancy. You could avoid heartburn by not eating spicy or greasy foods and eating smaller meals, also avoid lying down after meals.

How big is my baby?

Like we’ve said in previous articles, there is a variety of answers for this question. According to some sources, at pregnancy week 9, your baby is approximately the size of a grape and weights a fraction of an ounce.

What is going on inside my belly?

Your baby will quickly begin to gain weight and look more like a little person. The embryonic tail is gone by now. His/her eyelids are fully formed and are shut. Your baby won’t open them again until he/she is about 28 weeks. All of the joints are working and allow the baby to move freely. Your baby’s heart is beating since around week 3. By now, the heart is divided into four chambers and the valves start to develop.  Your baby may now suck his/her thumb!

What should I consider or plan right now for pregnancy week 9?

At this point you may feel more tired. This is because there are many hormonal changes that may cause trouble sleeping at night while also provoke morning sickness. Some women struggle to sleep at night because they can’t find a comfortable position or from the frequent bathroom trips. If you are experiencing trouble to sleep, experiment with different sleeping positions, or consider a pregnancy pillow. If you haven’t found the gender of your baby, you may do so with a Sneak Peek DNA test at Here is Baby.

What can my partner do at 9 weeks of pregnancy?

Create a nice, easy and relaxed environment in your bedroom and living room. A way to do it is to move the office out of the bedroom into another room of the house. You may also replace brighter light bulbs with dimmer ones and put in a dimmer switch.