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Wives Tales and Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, it is certain you will get a lot of advice. Whether you ask for it or not. Some of the advice may sound as superstition or myths. All those beliefs are called wives tales. Some may be helpful, while others not. We always suggest that before you try any of them you ask your doctor. Meanwhile, here is a list of the best wives tales we’ve heard or found.

Wives tales about baby hair

Some women experience bouts of heartburn during pregnancy. According to the old wives tales, this could mean that your baby will be born with a head full of hair.

Wives tales about the gender of your baby

Morning sickness myth

According to some wives tales, if you experience severe morning sickness, it is a sign that you are having a girl. Although we haven’t been able to prove it, sounds like a fun challenge.

One ring to rule them all

Another way to try to predict gender is by taking a thin piece of string or hair and slide your ring down through it. Hold it above your belly and let it dangle. If the ring goes from one side to the other it’s a girl, if it spins in a circle, it’s a boy.

Wives tale about Heartbeat rate

Wives tales say that if the baby’s heart rate is high (above 140 bpm), it is a girl, and if it’s a low one (under 140 bpm), it’s a boy.

Acne myth

If you are having a lot of acne or skin blemishes, you may be having a girl! It is said that girls will steal your beauty away. If you happen to experience a lot of acne, don’t forget to go to Let it Freeze to receive a Cryo Facial to help you.

Cravings wives tale

What about cravings? Well… if you crave for sweets, you are having a girl, and if you crave for salty food you are having a boy.

Carrying high and carrying low myth

Has someone ever approached you and told you that you are carrying the baby high or low? Carrying high is when the baby looks closer to your chest versus closer to your abdomen (carrying low). The tale says that if you are carrying high, you are having a girl and if you carry low, it’s a boy.

Body temperature

It is said that if you are hot and sweaty you are having a girl. If you are cold and icy, you are having a boy.


Has your husband or someone told you that you are moody? Guess what? You are having a girl! If you are happy or mellow, you are having a boy.


Wives tales are so much fun. Just remember that they aren’t necessarily fact. If you want to prove them or don’t trust the wives tales, you can opt to have a DNA Gender Reveal test at 8 weeks which has a 99.1% accuracy or a Gender Reveal Ultrasound scan at 16 weeks at Here is Baby which is also pretty accurate. You can also opt for a 5D ultrasound to see if your baby has a lot of hair.