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Congratulations! You are pregnant! Having a baby is a life changing experience. At this point you may have many questions as you look to keep your baby safe and healthy. What kind of food should I eat? Can I go in the hot tub? Can I drink caffeine? Could I smoke or drink alcohol? Should I exercise? Do I need to get new clothes? How about seat belts in the car? In this article we will explore everything you need to know about seat belts and pregnancy.

Is it safe to wear a it during pregnancy?

According to research it is 3 times safer to wear it than not. Consider also that you are still required by law to wear it. The only reason why you could travel without a it is if you have a medical reason and a certificate to prove that.

How should I wear the seat belt so that it is effective?

It should be worn low across your thighs and hips and under your baby bump. If the seat belt is on your belly, in case of a crash, you could cause injury to the placenta due to the pressure. Also, make sure you pull upward on the shoulder belt to make it snug and lay between breasts. Consider tilting your steering wheel upwards while keeping the vehicle seat upright instead of reclining. If your seat is reclining the seat belt could push on your uterus in case of a crash. Another alternative which is easier, is to use Tummy Shield.

What is Tummy Shield?

Tummy Shield is a seat belt positioner that will keep you and your baby safe.

  • It’s the only product of its kind to undergo crash testing.
  • Has a patented design that redirects the seat belt away from the belly.
  • Secures the seat belt at the leg to avoid injuries to the baby.
  • Made of a stainless steel plate and an anchor that attaches to the car seat and holds it firmly in place.

Tummy Shield

Why is it important to have a seat belt positioner?

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, car crashes are the largest cause of death for pregnant women and it is also the leading cause of traumatic fetal injury in the United States. About 170,000 pregnant women experience a car crash every year. At least 3,000 pregnancies lost due to car crashes.

Where can I purchase it?

You can purchase it at Here is Baby (don’t forget to ask for your discount if you are a Here is Baby mommy), our you can purchase it online at Tummy Shield.