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Twins Pregnancy ABC’s

You got pregnant! Suddenly, you find out that you are having twins. Now what? What should you expect? Are there some early signs? What type of twins are you having? Find out in this short article.

Types of twins

There are two kinds of twins: identical and fraternal. Identical come from one egg that is fertilized and then splits in two cells. Both cells carry identical DNA therefore the babies will look almost the same. The fraternal come from two eggs that are fertilized by two different sperm. Fraternal could be of two different genders and usually they don’t look very much alike.

Early signs

Most of the times multiple baby pregnancies come with an early sign: excessive morning sickness and extreme fatigue. Although morning sickness is common with most moms, if you are having twins you will experience more sickness than usual. If you are extremely nauseous and tired and don’t know how many babies you are having, then you may be having twins!

Twin pregnancy facts

Like Scar in the Lion King used to say, if you are having twins: Be Prepared! Most of the time you will be gaining more weight that with a single pregnancy. The extra weight can contribute with fatigue, back aches and headaches. Try to get as much sleep and rest as possible to help yourself. You may also want to try to get a pregnancy massage to relieve some stress. Be prepared! C-section is a possibility. Some times twin pregnancies are considered high risk, so you will want to consult with your OB/GYN more often than if you are having a regular pregnancy.

In conclusion, having twins is a wonderful experience and blessing. While having two children is cute and quite an adventure, make sure you take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Once the babies are born, more challenges will come while the joys will multiply. Meanwhile, come meet your beautiful babies at Here is Baby!