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Oftentimes, in a couple’s life, there may be uncertainty as to whether they may be pregnant or not. Couples may use pregnancy tests in order to confirm their pregnancy. The easiest way to confirm pregnancy may be through a urine test that is readily available at pharmacies. Urine tests are vert effective and accurate. The other type of pregnancy tests are those that use blood. Both tests aim to detect the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone also known as hCG. This hormone is produced by the female body when the placenta begins to develop once the embryo attaches successfully to the uterine lining. Most times, blood tests are found in doctor’s offices and they may not only test for the presence of hCG but they may also run other panels to check on your overall health, vitamins and nutrients.

Urine based tests

There are two main urine test options. The first option is in which the woman urinates in a cup and then inserts a special stick into the cup for a specific amount of time. This test is considered to be more effective as the directions provided are more likely to be followed. The other type of test is in which the woman holds a special stick in a stream of urine for a certain amount of time. Those tests are more popular as they are considered less messy and easier to clean up. Overall, urine tests have about a 99% accuracy.

Blood tests

If you are a little more anxious to find out, you may want to consider a blood test as they can be administered up to seven days after possible conception. Blood tests are considered to be more accurate at measuring the level of hCG. Although, more effective, this tests may be more expensive as they imply that you need to visit a doctor’s office. Additionally, there are DNA tests that can help determine gender. At Here is Baby you can get a DNA Sneak Peak test. Although Sneak Peak doesn’t work for pregnancy confirmation, it helps to determine the baby’s gender at 8 weeks.