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When can I find my baby’s gender?

Finding out your baby’s gender is very exciting, but when can you find out? That’s great question with a variable answer. It all depends on the methods used for gender reveal. Scientifically speaking, since the moment of conception your baby’s gender is already determined. All eggs have an X chromosome, while sperms have and X or a Y chromosome. If the sperm carries an X chromosome then you are having a girl, if the sperm carries a Y chromosome then you are having boy. At week 7 your baby will start developing sexual organs. By week 9 the genital ridge in boys starts to develop. So, back to the question, when can I find my baby’s gender and how? At Here is Baby we use two reliable methods: DNA Blood test and Ultrasound.

Baby’s Gender through DNA Testing

Through DNA testing you may find gender as early as 8 weeks. Such test that accomplishes this at that early stage is SneakPeek Clinical offered at Here is Baby. The accuracy of the test is 99.1% at 8 weeks and 99.6% at 9 weeks which makes both very accurate. You will usually receive results by email (or they can be sent to a family member or friend) in no more than 3 business days.

Baby’s Gender through Ultrasound

If you rather find out with a gender reveal scan, you may do so starting at 14 weeks, although it is suggested to wait until 16 weeks because at 14 weeks it may still be difficult or not possible as there are many variables that may affect the outcome of the scan.


Find out how far along you are at Here is Baby and don’t wait for your gender reveal scan or test and don’t forget your gender reveal party supplies for an amazing experience with your friends and family!

*If you want to find out more about SneakPeek Clinical and their results (offered at Here is Baby) learn more at: SneakPeek Clinical